Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just a Few of My Favorite (Garden) Things

It's time for another garden update for July!  So I've included some photos of what's growing and coming along so far in my zone 5 garden.  This first photo was taken during a severe dry spell, but the last garden photo was taken after a couple of great soaking rains came along.  So thankful for the rain.   I am also extremely happy owning two rain barrels which I'll show and talk about in a coming blog.  They are a lifesaver to a garden, not to mention to a water bill.  After all, one of the benefits to gardening is to save $$$ and the rain barrels certainly do that.  They are also eco-friendly, but I am getting ahead of myself.  
Enjoy the garden pics!

Before the rain...

You always have to watch peas. As soon as you see a bloom, the fruit's not far behind!  I snacked on some today.  

It's crazy to have these in July, but our garden got put in late and I really wanted some for snacking.  Besides, I got to use these nifty bamboo hoops which are perfect for the peas...

I planted this once years ago and it comes up faithfully every year.  I weed it actually.  It tastes good, not exactly like spinach, but very close. It's reliable, doesn't mind hot weather AND the bugs leave it alone.  A huge plus when gardening organically.
I have two beautiful eggplants (Click to see them!) ready to be picked in a few more days...!
Praying for a great crop this year to can for my own sauce...

Thanks for taking the tour.  I'll be showing harvested vegetables soon...blessings!

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