Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Tea Room Fun

Remember When Tea Room
     You may be thinking, a tea room?  Not for me, too old school.  But any of you lovers of Downton Abbey will have to agree that it's exactly this kind of place, or the pure opulence and "fruffery" of the scenery that drew you back to the tv set week after week.  
     This was my second visit to this place, "Remember When Tea Room" and I came back because I remembered how unique, fun and inspiring it was here.  Not to mention the tea selection with over 60 different varieties and great food to boot.  It's not just the food and tea I was after, but a great experience as well...          
      So, fix yourself a cup of tea and sit back to enjoy a visual feast of colors, food, nics-nacs of every kind imaginable. You'll see these and anything else you can imagine in this one-of-a-kind tea room with its painted floors, ceilings and vintage retro item-filled rooms.  
     There are way too many pics here, but I had a difficult time whittling them down; the memories of the experience fueling my photo enthusiasm. I think you'll enjoy this visit as much as I and my lovely companions, mom, sister and mom-in-law!  Enjoy...
Happy faces to greet ya...

Love the colors in this trinket...

Lots of great tea items to stir up your appetite
Heads up!  The hallway ceiling covered in dried celosia flowers...

You walk through a maze of gift shop rooms before arriving at your destination

Lovely Sista

French Vanilla Tea, thank you

Lots of love here...

Saffron-Chicken and Mushroom Crepes - they!!
Not into crepes? Try their Asparagus Asiago Cheese Quiche.

Belgian Chocolate small pot of tea

Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream
A great lunch and tea is over, time to explore...
I believe this was a kid's item room, painted floor too.

Bath item treasures

Lots of opulent items for sale


There's your favorite tea to purchase on your way out...
A great little vignette to draw contemplation from...

More sparkly trinkets
Their Christmas ornament room and the end of our trip...
Want to check it out?  Visit their webpage at for more information.  It's a fun place, and the whole area in Kirtland, Ohio has quite a few treasures to visit.  Blessings!!


  1. I went there many years ago and it was a lovely experience. They had lots of dollhouse items way back then.

    1. Yes, they still do. Just not enough room to describe everything. It's still a pretty great place to visit!