Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo Hike

Okay, here's an easy way to hike without ever leaving the room.  It doesn't rid you of excess calories or build any muscle, but it is visually refreshing and that's almost as good.  We have so many great parks in our area thanks to an excellent park system.  So our "hike" on this day was at Hogback Ridge.  (The name comes from the fact that the high ridge with two steep valleys on either side resembles the bony spine of a hog.  Makes for a good story at least!) It's not a difficult place to hike because of the 1300 foot boardwalk, but the steps going down to the river compel you to exercise, hands down. So, enjoy the journey and hope you feel as refreshed mentally as we did once we were finished. 
Trekking on the trail, boardwalk style
This boardwalk is pretty easy for most strollers so this makes a family friendly park.
Early evening hike 

Approaching the steps to the river 
Going down was a bit harder than going up because of the steps.

Trail going to the river
We'll be there any minute now...

The prize...
The Grand River in all its grand style.  Love the reflection on the water...
Eye Candy
Beautiful, but icy water

Not just admiring the scenery, but checking out for Steelhead Trout. Huge fish that swim  up the creeks for winter and head back out to Lake Erie in early Spring.  Sometimes there are a few stragglers left behind.
Lovely white Trillium wildflower

If you don't want to hazard the steps going down to the river, then up on the ridge is another short trail that runs alongside it.  It has an overlook as you go along and then the boardwalk is replaced by gravel.  It's a nice short little walk and we usually head back up here after we walk along the river a bit.  There's usually so much to be seen and done by the river, that this feels like a nice wind down to the rest of the hike.  You can also find a few spots to walk down to the river along this trail that aren't as "treacherous" or as long as the previous steps.
Approaching the overlook, overgrown some, but a nice place to rest.
Last bits of sunshine

Boardwalk ends and gravel trail begins...
If you have a stroller here, be prepared to walk fast, it's a pretty steep  incline!

View of the water from along the trail.
A lone Violet makes a statement

Almost finished

Sunset on the trail

The reward?  Coffee and a chocolate almond biscotti at the local coffee house.  Perfect.

Have an amazing day!!


  1. beautiful pictures! nothing beats those spring time walks

    1. Thanks! And soooo true...spring time walks are the best!