Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eating Well in the City: West Side Market

One thing is for sure; the city offers some amazing spaces, great architecture and interesting places.  We live only 40 miles away from Cleveland and manage to go downtown every once in a while.  When we do, discovering the food it has to offer has to be top on our list. 

The food doesn't have to just come from a restaurant either.  As a matter of fact, visiting its city market is one of my favorite places to go.  With roots going back to the 1840's - this market boasts of not only great food, but is full of history as well.  I end up feasting with my eyes as well as my appetite.

It is home to over a hundred vendors and believe me, they sell everything.  It's an eater's paradise.  The variety is endless and begs of repeat visits to at least get a glimpse of all that is for sell.

This leads me to my next thought...Eating well in the city is actually easier than I would have thought.  Sure, you have to walk past all the racks and displays of cookies, pastries, cakes, and candy (it's really ok to nibble along the way) to find some vendors that offer artisan breads, cheeses, and produce.   

A city market does so much for the local economy.  It provides small businesses great opportunities to thrive and grow.  It provides an outlet for small farmers and gardeners who need to sell produce.  It encourages artisanal foods and recaptures old world methods of growing, baking, cooking and eating. 

 It also is a vast artistic display that encourages creativity not only in food but in the way we think about food.  There's no way I'm thinking about french fries and pizza here...too many other great foods to discover and explore.

It really is a center and a gathering place for young and old alike to celebrate ethnic heritages, great food and learn new traditions.

With this constant traffic flow of produce and food from the burbs and countryside, it ensures the quality of food for many urban dwellers.  I am almost thinking that it's a bit easier for them to eat well at least when it comes to having more healthful choices.  

I know we ate really well that day and came home with some prizes too.  With new vendors selling Black Tuscan Kale and other organic produce, I felt as if I was walking through a garden. Looks like city pavement owners have their own bit of livin' in the green as well.

What's your favorite town or city market space?  Blessings!

For more info on the West Side Market, click here.

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  1. I live very far from here but used to visit often. The market at Grand Central Station was always one of my favorite stops for appetizers & cheese..

    1. Sounds's like traveling the world in a one shop deal!

  2. It's gorgeous there! The food looks amazing, and that bread you photographed is so beautiful! I have been to the Soulard Market in St. Louis several times and it's similar to this one. And this summer we went to the French Market while in New Orleans! I love seeing all the selections and yummy food.

    1. The markets sound amazing! It really is something you can see over and over again and not get tired of!

  3. Replies
    1. For sure and we ended up with our share as well this trip!

  4. In Central Ohio we have the North Market (, open since 1876. There are 35 different vendors. Very cool.

  5. We used to live in Cleveland and shopped there on a weekly basis. I loved it and boy, do we miss it!