Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Campfire

Summer and campfires always seem to go together.  So whenever the summer heat is not too great, we try to have one. 
It was our day off so we planned to spend some family time together.  However, between garden chores and washing windows, we both ran out of steam by mid afternoon.  Our original plan was to take a short hike and then grill out supper at a park nearby, but we were both so tired; a home campfire seemed like just the ticket. The guys were happy about it too and Mark worked his magic in helping to get the fire started. 

Who doesn't like S'mores?  Well, our guys like them for sure so we made sure to get the necessary supplies for them to make this campfire legit.

I love to roast marshmallows.  I'm not a huge fan of eating them, but it's such a campfire art to be able to roast them without setting them on fire (unless setting them ablaze is your goal!)  A rich espresso crema brown is the perfect color for me which makes the best roasted marshmallow.

Mark recently purchased this travel guitar so he could be a mobile musician wherever he goes.  He had fun serenading us by the campfire with improvised songs with whatever topic we could think of.  Flip Wilson, a trailer and the Louvre (museum) were some of the things mentioned... :)

Luke: Fires are for contemplation...

It was a fun, low-key great way to end the day.  The weather was just cool enough to make a fire enjoyable.  Can't wait until our next one...blessings to you all!

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