Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cleveland: A Day in the City

Even though I'm a "girl from the burbs," I love to explore this city that is located only 40 miles west of us.  It's like a new frontier to me and even though it lacks somewhat in the color "green," it explodes with symmetry,  textures, and shapes that entice me to want to explore.

I have a few shots that I edited to capture the feel of some of the places we visited in the month of February of last year.  We were attending a ministry school then and were in the Cleveland area every weekend.  We spent one Saturday touring different sections of the city and learning about its history and getting to talk to a few people there as well.

One of Cleveland's historical colleges
One of my favorite stops was at the Baldwin-Wallace College.  It's a small campus but has the most amazing old buildings that make you stop to look and contemplate.

Cleveland was founded in 1796 and named after one of its directors, founders and surveyors - General Moses Cleaveland.  Surely not as old as our east coast cities and a real babe when compared to Europe; it still makes the city even more interesting as we realize that we're glimpsing back at our own historical beginnings.

The best place to take a break from a day trip...a local coffee house in the historic section of Tremont in Cleveland.  The woodwork was rich and dark; reminding me of the deep colored oaks of my grandparent's house.  Oh, and the coffee was pretty amazing too.

After a pretty great lunch at Mama Santa's , a simple place but one with award-winning Italian cuisine, we took a stroll outside to soak in the local atmosphere of this immensely charming neighborhood.  Full of cafes, art shops and bakeries; you could easily spend a whole day here alone.

In the heart of the industrial section of Cleveland, right by the Cuyahoga River.  Not only is Cleveland located right along Lake Erie, but the river runs through it as well making it a logical place for industry and transport.  It quickly grew in the 1800's.

Sorry I have no shots of the downtown area, but we didn't go there that day.  However, it was fun being able to see some of its neighborhoods and checking out some local places instead of heading only to a museum or play.

Overall, Cleveland has had its ups and downs economically through the years, but it continues to grow and revitalize as many of the districts are slowly being rebuilt and restored.

A very enjoyable glimpse into another "world."  


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  1. Great shots of a great city!!
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting!

  2. I love the light at first but all are beautiful photos! Greetings.

  3. I love your shots, Nancy! And I especially love the architecture. It blows me away to see the impressive design and detail that went into 'everyday' buildings where we now have simple structures. There's nothing like an old city for that. I know Buffalo is a bit more of a drive for you...but there are incredible edifices with terracotta tiles that will amaze you there.

    1. We've driven through Buffalo before, but never was able to stop. It sounds like a wonderful city to explore...the terracotta tiles sound beautiful! I am always in awe of the creativity in architecture. :)

  4. LOVE that gothic doorway... I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #70!

  5. I've never been to Cleveland, but it looks like a great place to visit. All your shots are great, especially the one of the college campus. It is beautiful! And you look so cute in that coffee shop! :)

    1. Thanks was fun AND the coffee helped to make the trip even more enjoyable!

  6. Take a break from the Green and enjoy exploring a new world.

    That is a great idea.

  7. Nice picture of the river, the bridge and the skyline.

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your day trip. I haven't ever been to Cleveland I don't think. It was fun to get a little look into the sights. Thanks too for stopping over at Quirky Vistas and checking out my sign. Glad you stopped over!

  9. Hi! Cleveland is very famous in Japan. I know the name Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Orchestra.
    I think you had nice experiences there. I hope happy day to you.

    1. That's exciting! We did have a nice time there...thanks and have a great day too!