Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flower Bathing

Flower Bathing: the practice of immersing one's senses in botanical flora and experiencing all of its positive and healthful benefits.
Okay, maybe flower bathing isn't technically a true scientific practice, but the Japanese DID practice "forest bathing," spending time in green spaces/forest and received the benefits of de-stressing their lives from such an activity.  Check out a link here for more info...
I personally think it's just common sense.  To be surrounded by nature, colors, perfume and to feel all the beautiful silky blossoms of the flowers; it's certainly going to feel like a mini-vacation and be refreshing to the mind and body.  I think plants and trees were created to bring us pleasure.  So with that in mind, I went to my favorite nursery for some much needed tomatoes, peppers and various flowers to fill out my collection at home.  
While I was there, I engaged in enveloping my senses in the explosion of colors and drinking in the beauty of the place.

A new petunia; very fun, may have to come back for this one.

This was tempting; but I went for the smaller ones...

My final purchases, veggies and some flowers for the window box.

I definitely felt refreshed after this visit and here's hoping you do too.  Now on to planting and creating more green spaces for more flower bathing...blessings!

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