Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winter's End...

What says Spring like these lovely ladies?  They are some of the most faithful in the flower world.  Seeing them always leaves me feeling one of two ways; excited for Spring, and aware that winter yard clean-up is around the corner.

 Can't help but not care though.  Their cheery ways soon rouse me from my winter slumber and soon enough, my gardening "spidey" senses awaken.  The stacks of garden catalogs soon find me thumbing my way through them, ready to try some kind of new salad green or exotic basil.  Slowly my winter fatigue begins to leave and I feel charged and renewed with garden plans.
 Yes, they mean, "Wake up! Time to get back outside to work!" Yes, they are signaling the all important end to a long winter's night.  If they can herald the good news of springtime, then I say "Viva la Crocus!" and yard/garden clean-up isn't just clearing away a mess, but making way for new life.

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